Chasing Water

Ramez Naam takes a closer look at one of our most valuable and limited natural resources: water. How has our approach to using this resource changed over time and what is in store for the future?

Global Grand Challenge: Food

Singularity University’s Global Grand Challenge Director Nicholas Haan introduces some of the many intricacies involved in global food security.

Robotics & The Future of Food

Singularity University CEO Rob Nail explains how robotics, automation, and new information platforms are transforming food production.

Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Food

Neil Jacobstein, Artificial Intelligence Faculty at Singularity University, describes how Pattern Recognition, Optimization and Control can improve food production.

Policy, Law and Ethics & The Future of Food

Goodman, Policy, Law & Ethics Chair at Singularity University, discuss how public policy impacts food security around the world.

Achieving Global Food Security

Nathaniel Calhoun shares how companies are leveraging technology to address issues related to food around the world.

Introducing Memora

Memora is producing a life-logging camera that applies the power of computer vision and deep learning to point-of-view imagery, permitting seamless tracking of your diet and subsequently adaptive recommendations. Filmed for Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program, August 2014.