Singularity University And Me

Carin Watson asks the question: “Am I fulfilling my purpose?”, and answers by recounting the beginning of her experience with Singularity University.

Art of the Start 2.0: Full Lecture

Guy Kawasaki, former Chief Evangelist at Apple and author of Art of the Start 2.0, gives a lecture at Singularity University during the Graduate Studies Program and answers questions from the students.

AI Teachers: Educating the world with Artificial Intelligence

Singularity University Faculty Chair Neil Jacobstein takes a look at the implications of AI for providing personalized education to every individual on the planet.

Rob Nail and Lt. Gov of California Gavin Newsom Discuss the Future of Jobs

Rob Nail, CEO of Singularity University and Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom discuss the importance of education in dealing with the disruptive effects of automation and machine learning on the labor force. Follow the Future of Work Series on Singularity HUB for more videos like this.

The Disruptive Potential of the DIY Movement

Mark Hatch, CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop, provides insights of the DIY movement and how access to tools and fast-track education accelerates invention. Filmed at Singularity University’s Executive Program, April 2014.