How to Milk a Narwhal

Engineering has the ability to create milk and cheese out of virtually anything with DNA… in this case, a Narwhal.

Drag & Drop Genetic Engineering

What happens when you program DNA in the same way you write code? Raymond McCauley, Faculty Chair of Digital Biology at Singularity University, shares case studies of what he calls “drag & drop” genetic editing.

Deciphering DNA

Raymond McCauley explains both the capacity and limitation of using DNA to understand individual potential.

BioCurious: A Thriving Biohacker Community

Raymond McCauley, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Chair at Singularity University, gives an overview of “hacking” DNA, and shows how easy it can be to create real experiments in synthetic biology. He further showcases projects developed by students at BioCurious, a San Francisco Bay Area biotech hackerspace. Filmed at Singularity University’s Executive Program, April 2014.