Future of Work: What Will We Do?

Singularity University Faculty Kathryn Myronuk looks at the possibilities of a world with Universal Basic Income and potential implications of a more focused and inspired planet.

Future of Work: Tracing Growth

Singularity University Faculty Kathryn Myronuk traces growth patterns of technologies that may make our current model of working obsolete.

Future of Work: How To Proceed

Executive Program, talks, Kathryn Myronik, automation, jobs, Future of Work, farming, robots, AI & Robotics, Future Studies & Forecasting, Watson

Introduction to Synthesis and Convergence

Kathryn Myronuk, Faculty Lead in Synthesis and Convergence at Singularity University, walks through the frameworks needed to integrate and properly apply the wide variety of exponential technologies and their domains. Filmed for Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program, June 2013.