About The Speaker

Nathaniel Calhoun is an educationist with more than a decade of experience designing curricula and programs for learners in under-resourced settings. He founded CODE Innovation six years ago in order to better leverage innovative technologies to reach wider audiences and to transform the teaching strategies of educators participating in his programs. Through CODE, Nathaniel has designed and coordinated programs in more than a dozen African countries. Nathaniel is particularly interested in the possibilities of online mentoring and skillfully leveraged volunteer communities. He advises on how to reach out-of-school youth in non-institutional settings with high value programming and training. Fostering the development of small grass roots businesses has been an increasing focus of his side projects. In recent years, CODE Innovation has drawn from Nathaniel’s experience working with local NGOs in West Africa to open up a second area of focus and expertise: climate change adaptation and resilience building. The CODE Green division benefits from a wide network of ecological designers and plans to focus on water and waste management in flood and drought-prone regions like the Sahel, the Middle East and areas of South Asia.