Understanding the Basis of Attention, Emotion, and Motivation


Thomas Ramsoy, PhD, Director of the Center for Decision Neuroscience and CEO and Founder of Neurons Inc, provides an interesting perspective on attention, emotion and motivation as factors that can affect business choices.

Filmed at Singularity University’s Executive Program, April 2014.

Thomas Ramsoy
About The Speaker

Thomas Ramsoy is the Director of the Center for Decision Neuroscience, CEO of Neurons, Inc., and Adjunct Faculty Member at Singularity University. He has a strong background in neuroscience, psychology and behavioral sciences, but has also worked and thought outside the box, doing things in his own way. His academic work has increasingly focused on the strange and bad decisions we make, why we make those bad choices and what we can do about it. In this work, he has used and created new solutions for using neuroimaging, physiology and behavioral measures to assess decision making processes. He constantly seeks new ways to develop tools for assessing human perception, emotion, memory and action, and novel tools for disentangling conscious and unconscious motivational processes of the brain. His experience in management and leadership stems from the following sources: managing his own research team at the CBS; being the founder and CEO of Neurons Inc; teaching at the MBA education "Leadership Discovery Process" at the CBS; consulting national and international industry on management and leadership, aka NeuroLeadership; supervision & coaching of staff and leaders at rehab facility and extensive supervision of neuropsychologists, clinicians and researchers.