New Methods in Cancer Diagnostics


Raymond McCauley, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Chair at Singularity University, discusses how identifying breakdowns in molecular pathways is leading to new means of cancer diagnostics. He introduces cell spot microarrays, a method of translational medicine to personalize cancer therapies using cocktails of microRNAs.

Filmed at Singularity University’s Executive Program, April 2014.

Raymond McCauley
About The Speaker

Raymond McCauley is a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology. Raymond explores how applying technology to life — biology, genetics, medicine, agriculture — is affecting every one of us. He is known for using storytelling and down-to-earth examples to show how quickly these changes are happening, right now. McCauley is the Chair of the Biotech Track at Singularity University. In addition, he is the co-founder and Chief Architect for BioCurious, the hackerspace for biotech, a not-for-profit where professional scientists, DIYbio hobbyists and entrepreneurs come together to design the next big thing to come out of a Silicon Valley garage. He was part of the team that developed next generation DNA sequencing at Illumina, where he worked in bioinformatics, cancer sequencing, and personal genomics.