The Impact of Virtual Reality on Communication and Business


Philip Rosedale, Co-Founder of High Fidelity, briefly elaborates on some of the impacts of virtual reality on communication, society, and business, which will be more significant than the impact on gaming.

Filmed at Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Conference, June 2014.

Philip Rosedale
About The Speaker

In 1995, Philip Rosedale created an innovative Internet video conferencing product (called “FreeVue”), which was later acquired by RealNetworks where (in 1996) he went on to become Vice President and CTO. In 1999, Rosedale left RealNetworks, founded Linden Lab and built a virtual civilization called Second Life, fulfilling his lifelong dream of creating an open-ended, Internet-connected virtual world. Since leaving Second Life in 2010, Rosedale has worked on several experiments in distributed work and computing, including Coffee & Power and In 2013, he co-founded High Fidelity Inc. to explore the future of a next-generation virtual reality system.