Introduction to Robots, Their Utility and Accessibility


Rob Nail, CEO & Associate Founder at Singularity University, gives a brief overview about how we perceive robots today and makes a case for why anything that needs to be accurate, fast, cheap, or safe is the perfect job for a robot.

Filmed at Singularity University’s Executive Program, April 2014.

Rob Nail
About The Speaker

Rob is the CEO and Associate founder of Singularity University. He brings a unique entrepreneurial and impact focused approach to growing a non-traditional university as a model for the future and a forum to catalyze a global ecosystem that leverages exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges. Prior to Singularity, he co-founded Velocity11 in 1999, building automation equipment and robotics for cancer research and drug discovery. After being acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2007, he traded the CEO role for a General Manager role attempting to be a catalyst for change at a big company. He gave up in 2009 to go surfing and eventually find his true calling and biggest challenge yet with Singularity University. He is also a co-founder of Alite Designs, is an active angel investor and advisor and holds degrees in Mechanical, Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering with a focus on design and robotics from UC Davis and Stanford University.